Hey there! Welcome to Morally Straight.

This newsletter is decidedly not straight. It’s actually about the LGBTQ folks fighting for a more inclusive future in the Boy Scouts of America and beyond. The name comes from a part of the Scout Oath, which implores us to be, among other things, “morally straight.” Once upon a time, that phrase was weaponized to justify decades of discrimination against LGBTQ people in Scouting. But now we’re taking it back to show that being queer and being moral are not mutually exclusive.

So that’s part of what I’m doing here with Morally Straight: I’ll tell you the stories of the LGBTQ Scouts who fought for a better future, and how that teaches us so much about our culture’s deeper issues with the queer community. I’m also going to keep tabs on the many ways in which our community is still fighting for basic rights, beyond the Boy Scouts. (And in some cases, just hanging on to the rights we already have)

This newsletter is written by me, Mike De Socio, a queer journalist and Eagle Scout. I grew up in New Jersey, where I worked my way through the ranks and cut my teeth as a student journalist reporting on Hurricane Sandy. Now I live in upstate New York with my partner and work as a freelance journalist covering cities, climate change and the LGBTQ community.

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